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How do you choose the right marketing campaign for customer engagement?

A good marketing campaign can boost your sales and revenue. But how to decide which marketing strategy will work best for customer engagement. We have prepared a guide to follow for higher customer engagement via marketing.

How do you choose the right marketing campaign for customer engagement?

It's a question that has puzzled marketers for years. There are so many factors to consider, from the products you're selling to the demographics of your target audience. And then there are the ever-changing trends in customer behavior to consider. It can be a lot to keep up with! But brands like Cadbury and Lays’ have been attracting us with their innovative and relatable marketing campaigns since decades.

So, before you use marketing automation platforms to monitor your marketing efforts, you need to create an exceptionally well-crafted marketing campaign that can resonate with the dreams and aspirations of your target audience. This article will tell you how to select the right marketing venture for optimum user engagement.

What's a Marketing Campaign?

A marketing campaign refers to a set of organized, pre-determined efforts and activities to market a company's product or service with a specific end goal. Businesses use multiple communication channels, such as social media advertising, television, radio, emails, print, etc., to reach out to the target audience and apply automated marketing to keep their efforts on track.

Components of marketing campaigns:
Every marketing campaign should have below key elements -

  • A message or purpose
  • Goal/objective
  • Target audience
  • Valuable assets
  • Project plan
  • Marketing Budget
However, these alter with time and also with the kind of marketing campaign used.

Blueprint of choosing marketing campaign for user engagement

marketing campaigns for user engagement

Set a campaign objective
No venture has ever been successful without an intended goal or objective. The first step towards creating an effective marketing campaign for your business is to fix the objective you wish the campaign to achieve. What is the one thing you want to do - increase your brand awareness, generate new leads, or market your products? Formulate a SMART goal and ensure you have the right tools to implement your campaign. Hire companies that provide top-notch marketing automation services in the US and get real-time analytics to make informed business decisions.

Define target audience
The success and failure of any business lay in the hands of the target consumers to a great extent. Before you initiate any marketing endeavors, think about the stage of the consumer journey you would be impacting. Your marketing copy's tone and message would differ in accordance with your customer's pain points, the purchasing stage they are in, etc. Understand your audience's general interests and draw up your ideal user's persona. Now, create your marketing strategy with your customers in the center and draw their attention, increasing your brand awareness and recognition.

If you want to find the right target audience for your marketing campaigns, we have created a comprehensive guide for you. Check our article How to check you have the right audience for your marketing campaign?

Study the market
Without a good understanding of the target market, finding an opportunity to place your product or services is impossible. Understand what your audience needs, discover their wants, and promote the benefits of your product and not its features. To know your customers better, focus on their demographics, goals, challenges, psychographics, aspirations, etc.

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Research the competitors
An intelligent way to determine the USP of your product is to analyze similar products that are already existing in the market. When you do a thorough market analysis, you understand the positives and negatives of your key competitors and find out about the upcoming trends in your industry. Once you have crafted the perfect marketing campaign, you can automate its activities through automated marketing and evaluate its reports and analysis to find out what areas your campaign needs improvement.

Focus on improving
Campaigns, like everything else, need constant improvement. Otherwise, they might fall short of people's expectations and eventually become obsolete, hampering product sales and the brand's goodwill. Check your campaign data occasionally and try out new channels to broadcast your marketing message. The common pitfalls of a marketing campaign typically involve a lack of resources or clear strategy, low user engagement, outdated or traditional marketing theory, etc. Once you have reviewed your data, use appropriate marketing automation platforms to streamline and manage your marketing efforts effortlessly.

Monitor key KPIs
Whether your marketing campaign is achieving its intended goal is best determined by measuring the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that can help you determine your ROI. Stay away from peripheral metrics and choose KPIs at the heart of your marketing strategy aligned with your campaign's core objective. Some relevant KPIs are goal conversion rates, duration of website sessions, click-through rates, percentage of lead conversion, lead generation from specific channels, etc.

If you want to improve your conversion and ROI on marketing efforts, check our article on - From Insight to Impact: Uncovering the Key Metrics to Measure Audience Engagement with Marketing Creative and Copy. This article covers key metrics and how to improve them with marketing creative and copywriting.

Examples of Famous Campaigns for Customer Engagement

Facebook - MoreTogether
The social media platform that created ripples in the last decade, Facebook, launched its #MoreTogether campaign as a part of the video it released on Diwali 2021.

Set in the troubled times of the pandemic, the video narrates the story of the lady protagonist who hired unemployed people to accelerate her business. The storyline revolves around how the workers pull up the business after its downfall. The campaign ends on a happy note, emphasizing Facebook's role in enhancing human connectivity.

facebook more together

Dove - Stop the Beauty Test
Pointing out the notorious face of society, Dove came up with its much-admired marketing campaign, Stop the Beauty Test. Coming from a personal care brand, the campaign exposed the harsh reality of millions of girls in India who are evaluated in the 'marriage market' regarding their beauty, skin tone, appearance, etc.

Through this campaign, Dove encouraged society to move beyond the societal constructs of beauty and break the yardsticks that reject prospective brides just because they are not 'conventionally beautiful' or do not have a particular color scheme.

Apple - Shot on iPhone
Launched on its Instagram account, the #ShotoniPhone campaign focused on user-generated content. The campaign was unique in terms of its simplicity and innovativeness. The company focused on a specific feature of its newest product.

The marketing campaign involved a series of photographic masterpieces - all captured by the iconic Apple product. Many videographers and professional photographers collaborated with the brand in this marketing venture, promoting the latest iPhone model. The brand readily promoted the campaign, and the intended message was properly conveyed to prospective iPhone buyers.

Shot on iPhone apple

The best marketing automation services providers in the US help you automate your marketing projects and evaluate their results.

Final Thoughts

Companies need to invest time and resources in crafting their marketing campaigns. Today, there are multiple ways to promote your products and services, but how you do it and your methods are of utmost importance. If you are unsure how to start, research your target audience and craft your message, keeping your ideal users in mind.

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