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Springwood marketing automation helps in Edtech industry

We delivered a frictionless HubSpot implementation - from customer onboarding to win back, from the first call to sales closing, and the first interaction to omnichannel marketing. Springwood enabled Oneistox to deliver contextual user experience with its certified HubSpot partners.

Oneistox is an edtech platform that provides cohort-based architecture courses to students to bridge the gap between academia and industry. With global architecture leaders as their mentors, Oneistox provides a platform for students to connect with leaders and learn from them in a cohesive and community-led environment.

Oneistox had been driving its sales and marketing via HubSpot but failed to understand the customers' behavior in the sales funnel. Thus, limiting its sales experiments and feedback loop. The team also struggled with customer retention and engagement through Hubspot after the users dropped out of the funnel and couldn't nurture them further for the next cohort.

With no active feedback on sales experiments and marketing efforts, Oneistox could not earn ROI on its HubSpot setup.

The challenge here was to collect data at different funnel stages with high accuracy and devise nurturing and win-back strategies to keep the users engaged even after they leave the funnel and improve customer retention.

After understanding the use case, the Springwood team suggested a user journey entirely driven by HubSpot, which included the following:

  • Collecting the lead using lead magnets and links across the interaction points (Email, Call, WhatsApp, Website, Social Media)
  • Onboarding the visitor into the OneistoX ecosystem, giving them a glimpse of what they offer (Hubspot Marketing automation)
  • Lead intent was captured based on the lead interaction with the website and CTAs across touchpoints, and customer communication was modeled accordingly
  • Low-intent leads were nurtured through HubSpot sequence with communication on Oneistox's impact and success stories to build the intent
  • If a customer moved out of the funnel, engagement communications were enabled to update them about the course progress and cohort calendar

Automated sales processes and engagement strategies were configured in HubSpot with intelligence on user persona behavior. Oneistox team now had to do just one thing they are best at - Close the deal and make their customers happy!


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