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More data. Less work.

Customer Data Engineering:

Capture User and Event Properties and Build Scalable Systems

Every user and event property has the potential to bring insights into the customer journey. Springwood Customer Data Engineering service applies engineering best practices to capture user data and build scalable systems.

Springwood CDP (Customer Data Platform) implementation frameworks standardise customer data collection and create a pipeline for good data governance.

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Build strong customer experience with accurate user and event properties

A robust customer journey is the key to a happier customer experience. Springwood Customer Data Engineering service approaches user data management with faster feedback loops and helps to gather beautiful user insights. Thus, leading to happy customers for your business.
We offer the following as part of our service:

  • Data piping from non-traditional data sources and API endpoints to data warehouses
  • Data ETL into the warehouses (Stitch, Fivetran)
  • Reverse ETL from warehouse to tools (Hitouch, Census)
  • Custom Integrations from non-standard sources
  • Data Backfills
Springwood CDP Implementation Strategy

Want your customer journey to be robust and well-integrated?

  1. Data Pipelines Management

    A complete picture of your data architecture, scheduled maintenance and checks of data pipelines. We provide complete assistance in tool upgradation and their setup.

  2. Data Dictionary & Analytics Schema

    Define specifications and logical structure by creating a data dictionary to track the data. We set up the data types, definitions, and attributes and use metadata in your database or information systems.

  3. Custom Integrations and Data Backfilling

    Get quality (CDP implementation) integration services from our experienced team with a strong grasp of various marketing and analytics tools.