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Fenice Energy

Sales and marketing automation service
by Springwood

Springwood helped Fenice Energy streamline their HubSpot implementation processes and mirror their business processes with optimum feature utilisation and 95% data accuracy.

Fenice Energy provides solar solutions to household and commercial buildings for alternative energy sources. The sales, marketing, finance, and operations teams work coherently to deliver the best-in-class product - followed by a stringent test process that delivers the best performance. Springwood handled the internal processes from sales to product delivery as part of its marketing automation service. We enabled HubSpot implementation and configured it for HubSpot’s maximum utilization.

With more than 500+ fields in product and customer databases, there were some key bottlenecks the team was facing:

  • Manual onboarding and non-standard training for sales
  • Lack of clarity in the sales process
  • Sales works on multiple platforms
  • Traceability and quality control

It was becoming increasingly difficult to transfer information across departments - leading to friction in HubSpot usage and low user adoption.

Marketing Automation on a common platform by implementing HubSpot was our solution to the problem. We approached it in two ways - getting to know the system and implementing the SOP. The team tried to answer the two most important questions:

  • How much data the system is storing?
  • Out of the data stored, how much is clean?

The problem was broken down into five major steps:

  • Create a master database of all fields - Stating their definitions and associations
  • Define utilization segments - Segmentation based on their dependency on other processes like very active, active, dormant, and unused fields
  • Data enrichment classes - Defined based on the number of contacts having the values in the field currently in question
  • Data type audit - Converting strings into structured inputs (dropdown, multiple checkboxes)
  • Accuracy index against every field - With less than 50% feature utilization and less than 80% accuracy - we aimed to set processes such that the team could achieve 95% Hubspot feature utilization, automation of more than 70% manual tasks, and set communication matrix across departments

With less than 50% feature utilisation and less than 80% accuracy - we aim to set processes such that the team is able to achieve 95% Hubspot feature utilisation, automate more than 70% of manual tasks, and set communication matrix across departments.

To tackle field accuracy regularly, Springwood has deployed its proprietary marketing automation solution to enable the Springwood team to proactively catch the exceptions and solve them before they occur.

Fenice Energy is now running the entire solar solutions system with an impressive 92% accuracy and 95% utilization of HubSpot. The team has 150+ workflows with 700+ fields to store customer and product information distributed across 5 teams.


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