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From Insight to Impact: Improving Marketing Creative and Copy

In this article, we discuss the multiple ways of improving marketing copy and creative so that companies can reap the greatest benefits through automated marketing. Read along to find out some practical tips on how you can step up your marketing game and gain better results.

From Insight to Impact: Uncovering the Key Metrics to Measure Audience Engagement with Marketing Creative and Copy

According to Meta, over 200 million businesses have a verified account on the platform. While having a social media presence is necessary, brands should also focus on bringing fresh content to their loyal customers and staying abreast of the best digital practices. As far as advertisements are concerned, marketing copy and creative play an integral role in securing and retaining the attention of the target audience.

In this article, we discuss the multiple ways of improving marketing copy and creative so that companies can reap the greatest benefits through automated marketing. Read along to find out some practical tips on how you can step up your marketing game and gain better results.

How to improve your marketing creative and copy to improve key metrics performance?

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CTR (Click Through Rate)

While crafting content for advertisements, focus on the target keywords and keep your content easy to read and understand. Put your offer in the headline and have a specific CTA (call to action). Try to evoke emotion in the ad copy and be creative but do not overdo it. Keep things subtle and allow the audience to feel the necessity to read or observe your advertisement.

Use relatable and relevant words and phrases ensuring that your ad copy appeals to most of the audience and encourages them to move beyond the advertisement and actually make the purchase, boosting company sales. Include your main keywords in the headline and keep it short and crisp.

Website Conversion Rate

One of the foremost things that you should do is to check the marketing graphics and copy so that the website loads as fast as possible. If your website consists of a form, keep it short and make it interesting for the customers. Remove all sorts of frictions and distractions on the website and optimize your content for both desktop and mobile applications.

The top providers of marketing automation service in the US helps businesses to streamline their content creation, scheduling and publishing along with sharing detailed reports of the performance of the marketing campaigns.

CPL (Cost Per Lead)

When you use PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising as a tool to generate good-quality leads, the keywords you choose cast a great impact on the Cost Per Lead. You can lower your CPL effectively by choosing long-tail and more specific keywords and ignoring low-performing keywords.

If you use longer keywords in your social media posts, web pages and advertisements, your marketing efforts are more likely to bring you prospective customers, reducing your CPL to a great extent. Check your past campaigns and choose keywords that generate more keywords rather than going for generic keywords with negligible lead conversions.

Conversion rate

Your website should communicate a good value proposal for your audience - something that makes your brand stand apart from the rest of your competitors. Cut the jargon and keep your messages clear and consistent. Do not mention the features of your products, rather talk about the problems or pain points that your products and services can solve.

Remove distractions from your creatives and add freshness, something that your target audience would find new and exciting. Check your creative and copy and find out anything that you think might be unnecessary.

Bounce Rate

The company website is one of your greatest marketing tools. So, you need to make sure that the website is clean, aesthetic and well-designed, keeping in mind your brand personality and the demands of the target audience.

Add an exit survey to your most critical web pages and make sure that your landing page is visually appealing, hosting a clear and specific CTA to your product page. Introduce internal linking to all the relevant pages and add exit-intent popups asking the audience to state a reason for their premature exit from the website.

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Social Media Performance

When it comes to advertising, craft proper brand guidelines for all your social media copy. Ensure that your brand messaging and language is consistent and the way you communicate your messages is in line with your brand's personality. Understand the audience on each social media platform and mold your copy as necessary.

While choosing a visual, make sure that the image rightly complements the copy and communicates additional information than what the words already do. Use relevant hashtags and emojis but ensure that they align with your brand's language and overall vibe.

ROI (Return on Investment)

Blend data and creativity and create marketing creative and copy that not only educate but also inspire. Go through your competitors' ad copy. While you can learn excellent copy creation from good marketing creatives, the not-so-good ones will help you in understanding what not to do when it comes to crafting marketing campaigns.

Be succinct and try to convey only one message per ad. Communicating too much information in a single copy might confuse the audience and lead to an unintended drop in the engagement rate.

Page views

Do not just pinpoint the problems of your target demographics in your advertisements. Share solutions with them while leading them to choose your products or services. Address the problem and mention how your product can solve it and do so in the best way. People love statistics.

So, add numbers to your ad headlines and body copy, establishing credibility in your marketing voice. When you work with the best agencies of marketing automation service in US like Springwood, you will not only be able to generate more page views (of your website and ad copy) but also be able to increase the rate of landing page conversions.

Session duration

One of the most important metrics that evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts, session duration reflects the average amount of time users spend on your website. Garnering customers' traffic to your website and sustaining their interests lie poles apart.

To increase the session duration, you can either implement the application of a website bot or introduce a live chat feature to keep your website interesting, interactive and engaging. Go through your website content and marketing copy text to find broken links and fix them so that they do not affect the users' perception of your brand negatively.

Email signups

Use compelling words in your creatives and copy and add an enticing and clear call to action. Choose words that create a sense of urgency among the prospective users and action verbs so that the audience feels like opting for receiving emails from your company.

Stay away from crafting generic CTA and use action-oriented language to encourage visitors to learn more about your products and services.

Final Thoughts

The rate of growth of digital marketing during the span of 2020 to 2026 is expected to rise to 9% with the expansion of social media platforms and the availability of automated marketing. Through the gradual increase in reach and engagement, any business can achieve greater heights by increasing its visibility.

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