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Martech solutions
by Springwood

From Siloed to Centralised: How Springwood helped Plantix transform user interactions.

Plantix is the world’s most downloaded app for farmers - combining artificial intelligence and the expertise of leading research institutions around the globe. Millions of customers use Plantix to identify diseases and nutrient deficiencies affecting their crops.

The growth team at Plantix was facing challenges in tracking omnichannel user interactions. Plantix interacts with its users across multiple channels using different tools. The data from these tools was siloed and inaccessible. Without a genuinely centralized data warehouse or a foundational data layer built out, Plantix’s reporting was one-dimensional and lacked a global summary across every single data source.

The Springwood team helped them to create a martech stack and provide the Plantix team with a Single Source of Truth. Consequently, the team at Springwood was able to build a robust stack merging user and event properties from every channel - app, website, offline, telephone, email and digital ads into a single data warehouse.

Plantix decided to use MoEngage as its central warehouse to track user interaction data and run growth campaigns. We built the architecture to integrate - Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice, Adjust, Sendgrid, Facebook Ads, WhatsApp, GupShup, Sarv (IVR tool) and My operator (Dialer) with MoEngage.

Springwood conducted a thorough tools review and stakeholder interview process to get a broad sense of Plantix’s data and analytics infrastructure – something the organization had never done before.

Springwood built a brand-new tracking schema to cover the entire spectrum of user interactions and address Plantix’s behavioral tracking needs from the ground up. At the same time, Springwood led a global data governance initiative that can support Plantix’s data and scale with its growth.

The key steps involved in the process were -

  • Thorough documentation research to develop a POV on the capabilities of the available APIs of various tools
  • Stakeholder meetings to align on the business requirements
  • Translation of the business requirements onto a new interaction tracking schema
  • Creating ETL pipelines to fetch data from multiple sources and bring it to MoEngage

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By taking the lead on implementation, Springwood drastically reduced the time from architecture and schema finalization to deploying Plantix’s upgraded data infrastructure. Since then, automated ingestion strategies have been configured and implemented across the entire user lifecycle, helping the Plantix team sit back, focus on drop-offs, and improve conversions.

We have provided expert guidance and feedback to Plantix during their RFP process with industry-leading companies to ensure Plantix lands on a more holistic marketing and growth strategy solution to serve the organization at large.

The data governance process introduced by Springwood to Plantix has added structure to how the team approaches data requests. It is the foundation for how we continue to work together as we introduce other teams and stakeholders in the org to the capabilities of their new data infrastructure.

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