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We engineer your exponential growth scientifically. Springwood Growth and Customer Data Management service helps to generate hypotheses, analyze related user data, validate missed opportunities, and aid in marketing automation with the most reliable customer engagement and retention solutions.

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Build a Growth Strategy with Fast Experiments & Faster Iterations

Experimentation is inevitable to achieve a successful growth strategy. At Springwood, we become your extended growth team and help you run lightning-fast and target-oriented experiments with a robust feedback loop.
Springwood’s growth strategy and experimentation include the following:

  • Conduct A/B tests
  • Make the data easy and understandable
  • Enhance your growth strategies
  • Validate experimental growth ideas
  • Customer data management for high customer retention
Springwood Growth Strategy

Do you envision having an exponential & long-lasting growth phase?

  1. North Star Metric

    Springwood aligns with your team on a clear north star and key performance metrics. We set a baseline to start and schedule the customer engagement roadmap. We drive the experimentation towards the north star metric and create a growth loop for your product.

  2. Master Data Setup

    We set up your master data and marketing automation architecture to leverage predictive segmentation and AI/ML capabilities.

  3. Customer Retention and Engagement

    We maximize the utilization of customer retention and engagement tools/platforms used by your organization and deliver the promise of personalized communication to all users simultaneously.

  4. Experimentation, Survey, and Feedback

    We help you understand customer behavior with advanced experimentation, user experience, market sizing and customer engagement solution frameworks.