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What is affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? Everything You Need to Know!

With affiliate marketing, you can spread the awareness about your business and products by leveraging the network of affiliate marketers. Read the article to know how to effectively use affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Everything You Need to Know!

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising strategy in which a company pays third-party partners or collaborators to promote their products or services online. In this age of digital revolution where most purchases are happening online, affiliate marketing is an interesting scheme that brands use to draw traffic and generate leads to their own websites.

As of 2023, affiliate marketing is worth $17 billion, displaying a sharp rise from $13 billion in 2016. In this article, we discuss the concept in detail with a special focus on what is affiliate marketing, its types, advantages, disadvantages and the best tools.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

A type of revenue-sharing marketing, affiliate marketing includes an affiliate (a blogger, video content creator, influencer or a business) to advertise for another brand or company. Since affiliates have a strong online presence, companies get into partnerships with them and compensate them for their marketing efforts. Affiliates earn a commission each time when the company gains traffic or makes a sale.

Businesses generally use affiliate marketing for a couple of reasons. They can aim to increase sales, draw more traffic to the website or enhance brand visibility.

Affiliate marketing comes with its own share of benefits. Among them, the two most important ones are cost and scalability. Apart from that, through this form of marketing, companies can also reach their specific targeted audience and market their offerings in front of the most prospective clients. By making your brand a known name to the audience of your 'affiliates', you can grow your market and also increase the possibility of being found by your ideal customers.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

With the popularisation of digital marketing, affiliate marketing is being used by marketers who are collaborating with bloggers and other websites and outsourcing their marketing tactics.

The programme of affiliate marketing consists of four main groups each with has specific purpose. These four main entities are affiliate, merchant, affiliate network and customers.

  • The affiliate, also known as the publisher, uses his or her content format to promote the product or service of the merchant
  • The merchant is the seller, the company or the brand that is selling their products and services through the channel of the affiliates
  • The affiliate network is a sort of bridge that connects the merchant's affiliate programme with the affiliate. An affiliate network is not always essential for an affiliate marketing program, but it acts as a channel to build a relationship between the two parties - the affiliate and the merchant
When you partner with the best marketing automation agency in the US, you gain valuable insights into the entire marketing scheme and can automate your marketing efforts leading to zero hassles and more benefits. The merchant or the company partners with the affiliate which can also be done through direct outreach.

An e-commerce merchant hires an affiliate who might own a website or a list of email marketing customers. By leveraging the existing network, the hired affiliate communicates with his or her audience and promotes the product through his or her content.

There are various ways of highlighting the products and services in the affiliate's content. These can be by adding textual advertisements, referring to links on the website, emailing the client network and running the banner advertisements. Sometimes, images and video content are also used to secure the audience's attention.

When visitors go through the affiliate's content, they click on the displayed advertisements or links. This takes them to the websites of the e-commerce business where the products and services are listed. If the customers make an online purchase or book the service, the affiliate's account receives a predetermined commission from the e-commerce merchant. This might be around 5-10% of the total sell price.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

Through automated marketing, companies can automate their marketing processes but what is needed prior to this is making their target customers aware of their existence in the market. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to gain better visibility. Pat Flynn, the famous affiliate marketer, suggested three different types of affiliate marketing based on the relationship between the product and the affiliates.

In this business model, affiliates do not have any connection with the products or services that they are promoting. They are not experts in the product niche and they do not have the right to make claims about the product usage. This is the most uninvolved business model that runs PPC marketing campaigns where customers are expected to click on the advertisements and make purchases. Many affiliates often choose this mode of affiliate marketing as it involves simply promoting the product without delving deeper into the product content, usage, etc., and generating positive customer relationships with the audience.

As understood from the name, this sort of marketing involves the affiliates suggesting the merchant's product or services because they are somehow related to the niche or genre of the product. These affiliates are able to draw in the audience since they have some level of authority and expertise. Their audience trusts them as a reliable source of information and there might be a few sales as the outcome. However, in this case, also, the affiliates do not make any claim related to the product or service that they are promoting as a part of their content.

In this format, the affiliates remain closely attached to the product or service that they are promoting. They have purchased the product or availed of the service and their positive experiences shape how they would promote the brand in focus. Here, the affiliates generally make claims about the product backed by their personal experiences. The most important aspect of this mode is that the affiliates should take time to build greater credibility so that they are trusted by their audience as someone whose suggestions and recommendations are valuable and worthy of a purchase.

Affiliate Marketing - Advantages

  • From the perspective of a brand, affiliate marketing is an interesting marketing strategy and easy to get started with. It involves less investment compared to the other modes of marketing as finding affiliates in the market isn't hard and the remuneration per sale is also affordable
  • This strategy comes with low risk. So, if you collaborate with an affiliate marketer and after tracking the traffic to your website through him or her, you do not observe successful conversions of prospective customers to paid users, you can discontinue your relationship with their marketer
  • The return on investment is high in the case of affiliate marketing since the company pays only for the converted leads. So, it is not that you need to pay for each and every click on your advertisement
  • Through affiliate marketing, the company gains access to a wide network with a rich audience having diverse tastes and preferences

Affiliate Marketing - Disadvantages

  • This form of marketing might take some time to generate valuable leads and convert interested customers to paid users. If a company intends to reach out to its target audience and gain quick revenues, then using affiliate marketing in addition to the other more successful modes of marketing, can be an intelligent move
  • There is always a possibility of getting into an unwanted relationship with unscrupulous affiliate marketers. These marketers can earn a commission with fake conversions and then fill out online forms for registration using stolen information. So, for companies, it is always necessary to monitor the activities of the affiliates and enforce rules as and when necessary

    pros and cons of affiliate marketing

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What are the steps taken by affiliate marketers to promote a product?

Get your branding on point
Create a strong brand identity before you collaborate with any affiliate. When you have a consistent and strong brand identity which is visible in all your digital content, it becomes easier for the affiliates to promote your brand and talk about its offerings. This also smoothens the process of converting interested website visitors to paid customers.

Find out success metrics
If you do not have any measurable objectives, then any strategy is most likely to fail. You want a good return on investment and to make that happen, you need to partner with affiliates who not only have a good potential but can also deepen their knowledge about your product and the related niche so that they can promote your offerings in a more convincing manner. Gather all your resource centre assets before launching your program and invest in areas that actually need improvement.

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Select the right affiliates
Finding the right partner for your affiliate program is not an easy task. Check your competitors and find out whom they have partnered with. Reach out to the prospective affiliates with a sequence of at least three emails mentioning the company, your product and the intended outcome of the affiliate program. Offer higher commissions or incentive bonuses and encourage the affiliates to become your brand ambassadors.

Frame a contract
When it comes to official communication, get everything drafted. Note down all the terms and conditions of your relationship with the affiliates and share them with them for review. This is important so there is enough clarity in terms of the expectations of both the merchant and the affiliates. Have all aspects of the strategy written down and once both parties agree to the terms and conditions, sign it and share the signed document with all the stakeholders.

Monitor constantly
Goals without proper monitoring and tracking often lead to failure. Once you have your metrics ready, conduct a weekly or monthly analysis of your sales performance in relation to the affiliate's content. Find out how many visitors you earned through the affiliates and how many of them actually paid for your product or service.

Final Thoughts

While automated marketing can help you streamline your marketing efforts and organise your campaigns effectively, with affiliate marketing, you can spread the word about your business and products and leverage the network of affiliate marketers. Today, 79% of marketers think that affiliate marketing has boosted their engagement with their existing customers.

So, if you are thinking of moving away from traditional marketing tactics and delving into a marketing process that involves a multimedia approach, including banner ads, text links, newsletters, etc., affiliate marketing is the perfect choice! It is a great way to convert your prospective clients into paid customers and make the most of modern digital marketing.

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