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7 Use Cases of WhatsApp Marketing for the Urban Market

Know how to use WhatsApp marketing for the growth of your business and transform your customer experience.

7 Use Cases of WhatsApp Marketing
for the Urban Market

As part of social media strategies, companies use various communication channels such as email marketing, social media platforms, SMS marketing, etc. But even with a conversation rate of up to 120%, WhatsApp Business has yet to break into mainstream marketing.

WhatsApp is a great way to connect with the existing customer base, which has tremendous potential for growing businesses. It is free, reliable, and secure - WhatsApp opens an easy-to-use and convenient platform that brands can include in their social media marketing strategy. This article discusses the scope of WhatsApp marketing and seven use cases for the urban market.

Scope in e-commerce

With digitization and globalization going hand in hand, today’s marketing depends a lot on marketing automation which eases the process of solving customer queries and generating positive feedback from all users.

Here is a quick glance at how WhatsApp Business can benefit companies:

  • Foster positive relationships through real-time interactions with the users
  • Increase sales through promotional messages and newsletters
  • Reduce the cost of marketing and gain a higher ROI than other marketing channels
  • Provide impeccable customer support and handle queries efficiently
  • Boost conversion rates by reaching out to the right audience at the right time

Learn more about the use cases of WhatsApp marketing for the urban market in this article.

  • Customer acquisition

    One of the chief roles of the sales department of any business involves reaching out to a vast pool of target audiences, finding leads, and filtering out the most useful ones. Through marketing automation, organizations automate repetitive tasks and deal with common marketing issues. Among these, WhatsApp marketing enables companies to find potential leads and interact with prospective customers.

    By promoting their products and services to a diverse range of target audiences, companies can build new relationships and personalize their offerings based on the preferences of the customers. The WhatsApp platform is a good starting point for discovering prospective users and forming better relationships with existing customers.

  • Promotional messages

    In today’s world, digital marketing is the way for companies to make their brands visible. And all that companies are required to do is to make their presence felt by promoting their products and services. Here is where WhatsApp promotional messages can benefit companies and help them increase user engagement.

    However, promotional messages should be about more than just the current discounts or the new stock arrivals. Companies can also use WhatsApp to share personalized coupons or content targeted at specific groups. This helps businesses to stay at the top of their customer’s minds and allows them to always be in the spotlight.

  • Hassle-free transactions

    Customers often face issues while placing orders and making payments online. To make things easier for them, companies can use WhatsApp payments as the app now supports seamless and secure monetary transactions between companies and customers.


    As a highly secure app equipped with end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp promotes a safe platform for customer interactions and payment of funds.

    Apart from the fact that WhatsApp API is usable on multiple devices, the app has a stringent policy related to the usage of customer data. Transparent, anti-spam, and advertisement-free, WhatsApp offers a pleasurable experience for all parties.

  • Order updates and tracking

    During the customer journey, one of the most critical aspects for buyers is to receive constant tracking updates regarding their orders. Using WhatsApp, companies can remain in touch with customers, sharing notifications and order updates. With WhatsApp Business API, companies can automatically send messages to buyers and share personalized notifications.

    Through WhatsApp marketing, businesses can schedule notifications at every point of the buying journey. By using the features of sending real-time shipping details and delivery tracking, companies can smoothen out the delivery process and make it easier for customers to remain updated about the location of their orders.

  • Post-sales support

    While notifying buyers and remaining accountable to them is crucial for successful sales of products and services, what is all the more important is to support them after sales, fostering better relationships with them. Through post-sales support, companies can solve customer queries earning a good reputation for the brand.

    A two-way communication channel, WhatsApp lets businesses offer solid after-sales support, sometimes including user manuals, post-purchase installation guides, etc. Springwood caters to the needs of businesses across the globe by providing customized solutions, including WhatsApp marketing services and developing growth strategies for companies. With Springwood Marketing Automation service, businesses can build successful WhatsApp marketing strategies and reap great sales and marketing automation benefits.

  • Newsletters

    While browsing through a new product or service, customers tend to sign up for newsletters to remain notified about any recent happenings within the company regarding its product range, price slash, etc. However, while some of these newsletters land in the Spam or Trash folder, the others remain unopened by the customers.

    Sending newsletters through WhatsApp can bring in a fresh perspective. Companies can use WhatsApp newsletters which have higher opening rates than emails. Brands are recommended to give their customers the liberty to opt out of receiving such newsletters.


  • Invitation and reminders

    Nowadays, companies use WhatsApp to share real-time reminders, event updates, invitations, and information. Whether it is a webinar hosted by a brand or a quick Q&A session with the leaders of a particular company, event invitations work very well through WhatsApp.

    However, it is essential that companies send personalized communication through this channel and focus on the needs and tastes of customers. Receiving a random WhatsApp message or a generic communication is the last thing that customers would be interested in.

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp has grown significantly over the years, with an estimated global user base of 2.24 billion people. A powerful app connecting millions of people on a large scale, it is a valuable tool for businesses willing to interact with their audience and reach out to the untapped broader market.

If you are a small business or medium-to-large-sized enterprise looking to strengthen your marketing strategies, contact Springwood today and make the most of the Springwood marketing automation service to experience exponential growth, promote your products and services, and create a buzz in the industry.

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