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10 Steps to Create an Effective Push Notification Copy

Want to know how to write an effective push notification copy and capture the attention of your customers?

10 Steps to Create an Effective
Push Notification Copy

Thanks to the digital revolution, companies have multiple ways to reach their audience. One of the most effective growth strategy tools, push notifications, are clickable messages sent to subscribers from official websites. These can increase app retention rates, and that too, by 3-10 times!

But how to convey a message with a limited number of characters? Here's a helpful guide on how to craft messages that entertain, inspire, and, most importantly, convert.

This article will cover ten steps to create an effective copy for push notifications.

  • Focus on relevance

    The first step to creating any marketing copy is to understand the consumers. As an integral part of retention marketing, push notifications should appeal to all customers. So, every notification should have relevant information that offers value to the buyers and nudges them to remain loyal customers. Combining relevance and customization, brands can create excellent push notification copy that converts potential users into paid customers.

  • Personalize

    Not only should the copy of a push notification be personalized, but the delivery time and the message content should also align with the users' purchasing patterns or in-app activity. However, hyper-usage of personalization can deteriorate user experience. With proper user segmentation based on location and app activity, companies can customize and send the push copy accordingly.


  • Make it action-oriented

    One of the most effective growth strategies is to engage users actively. So, all push notifications should come with an effective CTA. Rather than adding overused words and cliched phrases, making content uninteresting, companies need to 'show and not tell.'

    By writing colorful and descriptive verbs, brands must communicate the expected behavior to the users and prompt customers toward the desired action. Using persuasive words such as 'gain,' 'get,' 'find,' 'grab,' etc., can orient consumers to take a particular action.

  • Invoke FOMO

    Push notifications have limited space, but brands that can convey urgency and immediacy within that small space make it bigger in the industry and stand out in the market. To craft an effective push notification copy, companies can use words like ‘fast,’ ‘breaking,’ ‘important,’ ‘today,’ ‘at the earliest,’ etc., and promote limited-time offers or time-bound discounts. People hate missing out on offers and discounts, and the feeling of missing out makes them act immediately out of impulsion.

  • Be authentic

    When it comes to push notifications, beating about the bush or concealing information is almost guaranteed to backfire. The push notifications aimed at the customers should be honest and powerful. They should have a concrete purpose that can be different based on the business's needs and the customers' requirements. Push notifications can be used to share updates, convey information or let users know that the brand understands their needs and is dedicated to solving their pain points.

  • Add value

    Companies should craft push notifications so the recipients reading them feel engaged and happy and not annoyed or spammed. Therefore, using the right words in the copy is important. Words like 'discount,' 'save,' 'sale,' etc., convey value to the customers. As a result, users can discover a prominent takeaway from the content they have just received on their smartphones.

  • Use words judiciously

    Being concise is an art. When writing push notification copy, one should pay enough attention to the conciseness, clarity, and accessibility of the messages. Brands should, therefore, craft straightforward and to-the-point messages. A couple of editing and rewriting rounds can make this process more efficient.


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  • Be up to date

    Customers love brands that are updated about recent happenings. Therefore, while writing copy for push notifications, brands can refer to contemporary news or any viral incident. Staying in the present gives a humanistic touch and makes brands more reliable. Be it a meme reference or an inspiration from popular culture, push notification copy has tremendous potential to grab the audience's attention and connect with them at a deeper level.

  • Show empathy

    Writing effective copy depends on how a brand can connect with consumers. While reading a push notification, users should feel appreciated, understood, and heard. Therefore, brands should know about the struggles and worries of their audience base and create copy that addresses the same. Empathy plays a key role in retention marketing and can also influence how messages are written. Nothing is more valuable than users knowing that a company cares about their happiness and pain and customizes their messages accordingly.

  • Add a touch of humor

    Not every brand can pull off a joke without sounding offensive or derogatory. But any brand can incorporate a fair amount of humor into their push notification copy to avoid sounding dry and too formal. Brands that find it difficult to be hilarious with their copy can start off by being playful. Tying the marketing strategies with some fun facts related to the industry can be an easy method of adding humor to the customers' lives, making them more interested and intrigued by the written content.

Final Thoughts!

Push notifications have 50% higher opening rates than email marketing opening rates. While social media channels, paid marketing, and emails can encourage customers to visit the company website and review the recently launched products and services, a push notification is an effective tool to reach a wide range of audiences in real-time. Thus, it is important for brands to create simple and effective push notifications that connect with the user base and aim to convert potential users into guaranteed buyers.

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