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Platform Teardown: Brevo

This article explores the platform Brevo and a detailed teardown with the background of the platform, its features, and use cases.

Platform Tear Down: Brevo

The market is flooded with several email marketing services, but since its inception, Brevo has been gathering popularity and respect - for all the right reasons. In this article, we delve deeper into the background of the company - its features, benefits and the problems it solves for hundreds of users worldwide.


Headquartered in Paris, France, Brevo (previously known as Sendinblue) is a SaaS solution providing email marketing services. Founded in 2007 by Armand Thiberge and Kapil Sharma, the solution is available in six languages. It provides a cloud-based software suite for various business domains, such as customer relationship management, marketing automation, retargeting advertisements, etc. The software comes loaded with a lot of functionality and has an impressive portfolio of over 5,00,000 customers.

First launched in French, Brevo gradually launched its services in other languages such as Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch. What started with transactional emails and newsletter-related functions slowly transformed into full marketing automation software, leading to more users choosing Brevo as their reliable relationship marketing partner.

Brevo currently has more than 700 well-qualified professionals who are experts in CRM. Notably, in 2016, Forbes magazine selected the company as one of the most promising startups to watch out for. The company stands out from the crowd because its solution is suitable for both small and medium-sized businesses and available at a highly-affordable rate.

Features and Benefits

The 2023 version of the Brevo platform focuses on three key areas - Communicate, Engage and Manage.


The services included under this head are Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, WhatsApp Campaigns, Live Chat and Chatbot.

  • These services are intended to grow your business and reach out effectively to the target audience. From delivering stunning emails to your customers’ inboxes to boosting engagement with SMS marketing - these Brevo services let you engage easily with your wide customer base.
  • While its WhatsApp multimedia campaigns allow you to start real-time conversations, with the Live Chat feature, you will never miss a customer message and can grow your database steadily. Lastly, your Chatbot will answer customer FAQs immediately and enhance customer experience.
  • Email marketings

Under this category, Brevo offers services related to Automation, Signup Forms, Facebook Ads and Landing Pages.

  • With easy automation, you can create cross-channel campaigns and automatically segment your customer base to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. The Signup Forms feature helps you create easily-customizable subscription forms to welcome new visitors to your customer base and grow your email list.
  • Hook your audience with Brevo’s Facebook Ads feature. Design your advertisements, launch them and track how they perform! Make the most of the Landing Pages feature by designing professional-looking pages where you can promote your brand and turn prospective visitors into paying customers.

  • Email automation

The Brevo features under this wing include Meetings, Deal Pipelines and Email APIs.

  • Scheduling meetings can be daunting. Make the process easy and fun with a customized booking page and an easy-to-sign-up meeting form on your business website. Save time and effort, and share your meeting link across different platforms.
  • Who doesn’t want to optimize their sales processes? From personalizing your pipelines to tracking deals - automation processes, and doing much more with the Deal Pipelines feature. Get all your data in the same place and derive actionable insights from a detailed analysis.
  • Send bulk emails to your customers through custom event tracking. Determine your email responses and analyze your performances to work on the available log data.
Use Cases

  • Helping businesses create lasting impacts and long-lasting relationships with their customers, Brevo’s easy-to-use marketing tools can transform campaigns into effective conversions. Companies can use its different services, such as email marketing, WhatsApp marketing, Facebook ads, etc., to engage with their audience, closing deals within the minimum time.
  • By using the feature of transactional email, both small and medium businesses can stay in touch with customers at every point of their journeys, managing multiple campaigns on the same platform. From easy CMS integration to free inbound parsing - Brevo’s features can deliver targeted emails at lightning speed to the chosen customers.
  • The sales platform of Brevo helps businesses to track pipeline progress, automate repetitive tasks and maintain a shared inbox with their team members. You can also revisit your past conversations with your clients and make it easy for customers to book meetings with you at their preferred slots.
  • Being actively engaged in real-time with consumers is the dream of every business. Making that dream a reality, Brevo’s conversation feature helps you to craft meaningful conversations through live chats and chatbots. Whether it’s contact synchronization or visitor intelligence - the sales platform will help you grow your online sales and increase loyal customers.
  • With Brevo+, you can personalize your stack and reach out to a wide range of audiences, building closer connections and channeling more conversions. Using tailor-made tools and making the most of hassle-free integrations, you can build impeccable customer experiences across multiple platforms.


Brevo has a robust social media presence with active accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. The company remains actively engaged with its customer base across all the platforms, with notable performances on Twitter and LinkedIn. Users can find the company easily ranking on the search engine results pages. The organization’s YouTube channel is a growing resource that lists its benefits, features, etc., and shares crisp and easy-to-digest content on various topics like setting up email marketing benchmarks, creating a campaign, sending a test email and many more.

Final Thoughts

With its full feature set of must-haves software, Brevo or Sendinblue is the go-to solution for all your marketing needs. One of the most budget-friendly marketing service providers currently available in the market, Brevo is a must-try. Start with its free plan, and once you get your hands on the multifaceted services, you can opt for its paid version to upgrade your benefits and enjoy additional perks.

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