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Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement

How to check engagement for a marketing campaign? Bonus tips for high engagement!

Gone are the days when you could persuade customers just by passive selling. In today's competitive business world, companies need to create relevant and personalized marketing strategies to increase customer engagement. Learn how to track and improve your customer engagement.

How to check engagement for a marketing campaign? Bonus tips for high engagement!

Converting your customer engagement strategy into concrete marketing campaigns is not enough. You need to track your marketing campaigns and study your data to decipher important information. Your post's engagement rate is calculated by dividing the total number of engagements on your campaign by the number of followers multiplied by 100. Through automated marketing, you can manage multiple campaigns across multiple channels. In this article, we look at how you can evaluate the engagement rate for your marketing campaign.

How to check your campaign engagement?

There are a handful of marketing metrics that you can use to monitor the performance of your marketing efforts. When you hire the agency with the best marketing automation services, you can streamline your campaigns, check your campaign performance and re-orient your efforts towards well-defined goals.

Let us now look into some of the most significant marketing metrics:

Conversion rate

It is the total percentage of users that takes a particular action after visiting the landing page of your website. The goal of every campaign determines the conversion rate. This conversion rate also reveals the Return on Investment (ROI).

The formula to measure your campaign conversion rate = Number of conversions / Total number of visitors) X 100

For example, if 200 people customers visit your website and 20 people subscribe to your newsletter, then the conversion rate would be =

20 / 200 x 100 = 10%

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The Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The NPS is another efficient metric that measures your customer engagement and loyalty. The score generally rates the customer experience post-usage of a particular product or service. Users need to rate their experience on a scale of 0 to 10. While 1 - 6 is considered to be negative feedback, anything beyond 9 or 10 refers to positive feedback.

With Springwood marketing automation service, you can automate your marketing efforts and track their progress. Springwood also helps you in streamlining your marketing efforts to achieve higher conversions and ROI. We leverage scientific and data driven approaches to curate highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Customer Retention Rate (CRR)

Retaining your customers is as important as acquiring them in the first place. The customer retention rate refers to the ability of your company to prevent users from drifting away and choosing another brand, thereby, ceasing to be loyal customers. The CRR is calculated using the following formula -

CRR = [(E – N) / S] x 100

E - Total number of customers during a specific period
N - Additional number of customers during a specific period
S - The number of customers before the start of a specific period

Social Media Engagement Monitoring

Leveraging the power of social media, today's brands create and run social media ad campaigns to secure the attention of a bigger audience. To monitor the performance of your campaigns across social media channels, you need to focus on sub-metrics such as the total reach, the number of impressions, the number and quality of interactions, brand mentions, etc.

With the help of marketing automation platforms, you can complete all these tasks efficiently and eliminate the probability of errors that might happen in the case of the manual handling of data.

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Customer Lifetime Value

Companies use the metric of customer lifetime value to measure how much revenue customers will generate during their relationship tenure with the brand. This metric evaluates the long-term value of your customers. Using this metric, brands can predict how much users can spend for availing their products or services. Customer lifetime value also reveals the most valuable customer groups which determines the amount of investment for customer acquisition and user engagement.

CRM Tracking

Use CRM software and organize all your customer-related data. If you are struggling to store and analyze information related to your current customers, partner with the best marketing automation agency. Create customized content for your users and segregate users based on their path to your website. There are several CRM programs in the market that allow businesses to track potential leads in relation to particular campaigns.

Ticket volume

By closely following the metrics of ticket volume, businesses can find out the most preferred communication channels of their customers. Some customers raise tickets on business websites when they are dissatisfied with a particular product. However, others prefer to complain about the same using chatbots. Further, some users also prefer dropping emails voicing their protest. Analyzing ticket volume helps businesses to reorient or continue with their modes of engagement.

Average duration session

When you check the average time spent per session by your visitors, you gather an idea about the features or qualities of your company website that are attracting the audience. This is a benchmark metric that helps brands improve their advertising strategy and create similar content that has attracted visitors to their websites. Through automated marketing, brands can track and manage their marketing processes.

Churn rate

A significant step in the customer journey map, the churn rate is calculated by businesses to know the specific reasons for customers abandoning their brands over a particular period. Through your collaboration with top agencies providing marketing automation services in the US, you can automate, organize and streamline your marketing efforts and track your churn rate as well to find out why and where you are losing your valuable customers.

How to Create Engagement for Your Marketing Campaigns: 5 Easy Tips

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Customer-focused campaigns

When you create a social media campaign, make sure that it is addressed and tailored to your target audience. Find ways to engage with your customers and welcome user-generated content. Once you design and implement your marketing campaign, avail Springwood marketing automation service and track your campaigns to derive valuable insights about your users and marketing efforts.

On-time push notifications

Nothing is more uncomfortable than receiving irrelevant push notifications at odd hours of the day on the part of your customers. Enable push notifications but do that responsibly so that you can promote your products and services with the correct frequency and relevance.

Make sure to add frequency capping for the push notifications to avoid spamming your customers and provide them with relevant notifications.

Customized product recommendations

Provide personalized product suggestions by using data and automation tools. Devise interactive surveys or product quizzes to find out about your customers' preferences and tastes. Gather customers' browsing data and study their purchasing history to make your product recommendations specific and appropriate.

Strong social media presence

Whether it is through frequent Q&A sessions or regular contests, you need to build up a community surrounding your brand. Get involved with your customers, improve brand engagement and know more about your customers' preferences and interests. By partnering with the best marketing automation platforms, you can accelerate your campaigns and strengthen your marketing efforts.

Customer loyalty programme

What's the best way to convey gratitude towards your loyal customers? Implement a loyalty scheme and reward your customers in the form of badges, points, stamps, etc. Get creative and reward every positive action of your customers such as providing referrals, sharing social media posts, leaving good feedback, etc.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when you could persuade customers just by passive selling. In today's competitive business world, companies need to create a marketing strategy that upholds their ideals and also showcases their products and services. When you partner with the best marketing automation agency, you receive marketing-related assistance and can also streamline your efforts effectively. By implementing a foolproof customer engagement strategy, you can generate brand awareness and become more visible in your industry.

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