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An Overview of Disney's Customer Experience Strategy

Disney is the world's best entertainer offering a rich and wholesome experience to all its customers. Read this article to know more about their strategy.

An Overview of Disney's Customer Experience Strategy

The world's best entertainer offering a rich and wholesome experience to all its customers, Disney started its journey with television shows, theme parks, and merchandise. The brand has grown to incorporate world-class movies and interactive gaming sites under its portfolio. As part of its growth strategy, Disney's customer experience strategy is right on point. The company has already recorded revenue of a whopping $23.51 billion in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023-2024.

But what makes them unique? In this article, we will take a closer look at how Disney's customer strategy has offered an unbeatable customer experience and made them the "Happiest Place on Earth."

Disney's Four Key Areas

Apart from the flashy light spectacles to the fun-filled atmosphere at the amusement parks, what Disney focuses on is upholding a set standard of quality checks to retain all customers. The company emphasizes safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency as part of its customer retention policy.

  • Safety

    Disney rightfully prioritizes the safety of all its visitors, enabling them to have pleasurable experiences. The cast members practice and follow safety measures, putting safety first before everything else

  • Courtesy

    Apart from the wonderful rides and thrilling adventures, the complete environment appeals to millions of customers visiting this 'magical' land. The company and all its staff members remain courteous, friendly, and helpful, catering to the visitors' needs

  • Show

    Displaying absolute commitment to their work, the cast members always stay true to their roles and contribute heavily to enhance the 'Disney experience.' With clean and well-maintained surroundings, Disney offers an experience that exceeds customer expectations

  • Efficiency

    All events and activities at the amusement parks are managed smoothly by the Disney administration. Using time and the available resources efficiently, the management aims to pack the best of the entertainment world to their customers

  • Unique Approach to Customer Experience

    Thanks to the brand's top-notch customer experience strategy, Disney has an incredible 70% return rate for customers who have visited the parks for the first time. If we shift our attention from the physical venue and concentrate on the breathtaking animated movies and shows that Disney has gifted the world. In that case, there are even more gold mines to be discovered. Here is a quick look at how the brand has mastered crafting unique customer experiences throughout the years.

    Mindful personalization
    All guests at the Disney-themed parks are treated with utmost care and attention. From specialized one-to-one interactions to personalized experiences, Disney customizes events for each visitor individually. In the case of online content, Disney filters from its rich repository of animated movies and shows and recommends the one based on the preferences and watches the history of the particular viewer.

    Experiences for all
    At Disney, age is not a bar. The brand has created quality content and experiences not only for kids but for adults as well. Promoting inclusion and equality, Disney theme parks currently welcome visitors with disabilities and offer the required accommodation to enjoy their visit to their heart's content. Therefore, Disney sells not only events, shows, or digital content but a wholesome, enriching experience that leads people to form an emotional connection with the brand.

    Disney for everyone

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    Simple yet different
    Disney's marketing campaigns are not about complex statements or intriguing comments. Rather, they promote short, snappy, and interesting content that stays relevant to its target audience. Disney has always created magic out of the mundane, from the exhilarating Star Wars marketing campaign to the much-loved Healthily Ever After campaign. With simple but effective ideas, the brand has created a robust fan base and earned the name that it rightfully deserves.

    Thriving on feedback
    As an important aspect of its growth strategy, Disney reaches out to all its customers proactively and seeks feedback which can be in the form of survey emails or in-app feedback within the My Disney Experience App. After receiving the customers' feedback, the company takes prompt action and ensures that customer concerns are appropriately addressed.

    Making technology work
    From installing Wi-Fi in all its parks and hotels to launching the My Disney Experience App, the brand has incorporated technology to enhance the guest experience. Visitors use Smart Bands for easy payment for their rides, and they can even order their food using the mobile food ordering feature on the app. The successful integration of technology into the Disney experience improves the quality of experience for the customers. It encourages them to plan their next visit at the earliest.

    Disney experience app

    ESPN - The Window to the World of Sports
    Holding a major share (80%) of the popular sports channel, The Walt Disney Company owns the popular sports channel ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network). Apart from broadcasting the top sports events of the world, the channel also has ESPN+, a live-streaming platform that is available only for U.S.-based pay TV subscribers. In case of any queries or complaints, customers can reach out to the relevant departments by contacting ESPN's Help Centre or getting in touch with the support team.

    ESPN at Disneyland

    Final Thoughts!

    Whether it's beautiful animation movies, enjoyable sports events, or adventurous Disneyland shows, Disney has taken customer experience to a new level. The brand has successfully incorporated the element of 'magic,' delivering memorable and delightful experiences to all its visitors.

    For the brand that would be completing a century of its existence, understanding customers and customer retention has been at the core of its business. Pairing up entertainment with affordability, Disney continues to churn out high-quality products and experiences in highly competitive entertainment, which is nothing short of a feat.

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