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Trainman is a leading Indian online platform that helps users book train tickets and provides information on train schedules, PNR status, seat availability, and more. The company has been experiencing a decline in bookings over the last three months and is looking for solutions to improve its conversion rates.

Trainman had been facing several issues that have led to a drop in their bookings. These issues include a disconnect between user expectations and the landing page experience, a decrease in new user acquisitions, a low user retention rate, and a decline in payment success.

Trainman was already using Webengage as their marketing automation tool. Springwood team leverages the features of the tool to its maximum potential.

To address these issues, with the help of Springwood Growth Strategy services, Trainman had implemented several solutions:

  • Firstly, the Springwood team focused on improving the landing page experience to meet user expectations. This includes optimizing the user interface, improving page speed, and providing relevant and helpful information to users. Springwood created a weekly performance reporting procedure to check user behavior using WebEngage. Webengage provides a powerful analytics engine that can track user behavior on the platform. By integrating WebEngage with Trainman’s reporting procedure, they could gain insights into how users interact with their platform and use that data to improve the user experience.
  • Secondly, we launched targeted campaigns to increase the number of new user acquisitions. These campaigns were aimed at users who are most likely to use the platform and are interested in train travel. By leveraging WebEngage's segmentation and targeting features, we created customized campaigns for different user groups. This allows them to offer personalized promotions and deals to users based on their interests, behaviors, and demographics, thus, increasing the conversion.
  • Thirdly, our team helped Trainman introduce features to improve customer retention rates, such as personalized recommendations, rewards for repeat bookings, and enhanced customer service. By setting up an A/B test in WebEngage and analyzing the results, we optimized Trainman’s content strategy and improved user engagement. We also leveraged the drop-off and onboarding campaign features of Webengage to capture higher user behavior and interactions.
  • Lastly, we helped Trainman to implement measures to improve payment success rates, such as providing more payment options, improving payment security, and optimizing the payment process using the customer data from Webengage.
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The solutions implemented by the Springwood team yielded positive results. Through the campaigns, the company observed a 21% increase in unique conversions for payment success in March 2023.

While the CVR has dropped by 35%, there has been an increase in the CTR, suggesting that the landing page experience has improved.

The ratio of uninstalled to installed users has remained constant, around 80% over the last three months, indicating a need to focus on customer retention. However, almost 70% of uninstalled users are returning users, suggesting that they may return to the platform with the right incentives.

Despite a 14% decrease in bookings in the first quarter of 2023, bookings as a percentage of acquisition has increased by 8%. The decline in payment success can be attributed to the decrease in customer acquisitions, as 83.4% of users who successfully make payments are returning users. Thus, it's essential to investigate the quality of acquired users.

Springwood and Trainman teams plan to optimize the Trainman platform to improve user experience and increase bookings. This includes ongoing efforts to improve the landing page experience, launch targeted campaigns, and introduce features to improve user retention rates and payment success.

By continuing to analyze user behavior and make data-driven decisions, Trainman is confident that it can improve its conversion rates and maintain its position as a leading online platform for train bookings in India.

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