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Springwood helped in setting up GoHighLevel account for an advertising firm

Elevate has kicked off their business and is approaching multiple clients with Springwood growth strategy and marketing automation services. The Springwood team is still working in collaboration with Elevate and their clients to assist with GoHighLevel needs.


Elevate is a start-up that provides advertising and lead generation services for clients in the solar installation industry. They wanted to create a solid foundation using the Client-Relationship Management tool GoHighLevel to automate their workflows, track leads and data, and optimize their website for SEO.

Springwood customized the GoHighLevel account to support both Elevate and its clients by creating workflows, tasks, and snapshots, booking appointments, and optimizing their website for SEO. Springwood used a sprint cycle format to structure the process and used goals as milestones. This approach helped create a long-lasting foundation for Elevate, which allowed them to achieve their growth goals.


Elevate is an advertising and lead generation company for clients in the solar installation industry. They help their clients to grow and build long-lasting relationships with them. Elevate is a start-up that provides a timely, personalized, and dedicated approach to understanding the client’s business needs and goals. They work closely with the clients to create growth strategies that achieve the goals. Their team of experts is passionate about what they do and is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies in the industry.

Elevate specializes in helping businesses achieve their growth goals through our data-driven marketing solutions. The aim is to create highly effective paid advertising campaigns, generate qualifying leads, and optimize SEO strategies to increase organic traffic.

Elevate offers content marketing services that educate and engage the target audience. They design email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and keep customers engaged, while the funnel-building services convert prospects into paying customers.

Challenges faced by Elevate

Elevate uses GoHighLevel as a Client-Relationship Management tool to track their funnels and data. GoHighLevel, as a CRM tool, provides multiple functionalities to a business to kickstart its operations, such as workflows, automations, website hosting, etc.

Elevate wanted to create a solid foundation on GoHighLevel consisting of -

  1. Setup workflows for automating emails to the leads in the funnel
  2. Setup calendars and forms for tracking appointments
  3. Zoom integration to create dynamic links
  4. Website creation on GoHighLevel
  5. Snapshots creation
  6. Connecting the domain to their website
Elevate needed a firm and long-lasting setup of the things mentioned above to ensure the smooth functioning of their work. Springwood customized the GoHighLevel account for two use cases -

  • For the use of Elevate - to set up a GoHighLevel foundation for itself from where they would approach solar companies to whom they would offer their services. This involved tracking leads from Facebook and website inquiries and setting appointments with them to convert them into clients of Elevate.
  • For the use of clients - Once a client onboards, Elevate offers their GoHighLevel services by creating a snapshot of their account and then further customizing as per the client's needs.
Thus, Elevate wanted a foundation that not only had functionalities to support the client but also to support itself. With this problem statement, they approached Springwood to help them create a long-lasting foundation on GoHighLevel.

Springwood’s approach and implementation strategy

Springwood approached the solution in a sprint cycle format. We structured the process and used goals as milestones.

  • Springwood understood the client's goals and business needs first
  • Then approached to understand, map, and align on the goals to achieve

Create a structure for itself and the clients - We helped Elevate understand the pros and cons of using GoHighLevel snapshots, which essentially create a duplicate account of the selected user. We created workflows and tasks in the base account, named them accordingly for ease of use, and standardized the snapshots to capture only the important tasks for the client.

We created the structure while keeping the client's goals in mind and constant discussions with them.



  • We created a dummy website to understand the content placement and form connections.
  • A contact form was made, which collects user information to set up appointments. This form was linked to their website.
  • We automated the appointment process by creating workflows to schedule appointments with leads and bifurcate them into cold and hot leads based on their replies.
  • We created flows to further bifurcate leads and contact the hot and cold leads separately.
  • Zoom integration with the calendar - Book appointments, reminders, and dynamic Zoom meeting links were set in place. It helped in keeping track of when the appointments were scheduled.

Using the replies from Elevate to a thorough questionnaire about the company, Springwood created tailored content for their website, which reflected what Elevate stands for and helped with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We optimized the website for users to book appointments and meetings with Elevate easily.
Finally, we provided a rundown of how snapshots are set up to ensure the duplicates were created correctly.

Key Takeaways

A solid foundation of Client-Relationship Management (CRM) tools is important for organizations to grow exponentially. It is crucial for companies to invest in a CRM that suits their needs and customize it to support both their business and clients. It builds long-lasting relationships, improves customer experience, and increases overall business efficiency.
Springwood growth strategy services along with marketing automation helped Elevate to build a solid foundation for their CRM and enabled Elevate to cater better to their clients.

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