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Customer Lifecycle Audit & Implementation

Start trusting your data and get a road map for the single source of truth with Springwood's customer life-cycle audit services and expertise in leveraging your customer lifecycle management software.

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A Customer Life-cycle Audit is required when a company is in transitioning between one or many tools in its analytics infrastructure or as a prerequisite to a data engineering revamp. It is designed to answer questions like:

  • What are the inefficiencies in our Mar-Tech / Reporting-Tech stack?
  • Are the tools we have utilized to their maximum potential?
  • What is the quality of data governance framework in our data stack?
  • Where is our data and how are our tools and systems integrating with each other?
  • What are the best practices to help you unlock exponential growth?

These questions and more will be answered through deep dives and analysis into your current stack and the new data governance tools. We will define what value can be unlocked in the current ecosystem or the pitfalls to generate more value.

The Springwood Audit

Understand what is stopping you from becoming the best company in the industry.

  1. Data Stack Audit

    Get actionable insights on the insufficiencies of your current data stack.

  2. Lifecycle Touchpoint Audit

    Get a view of your omnichannel customer touchpoints and the effectiveness of your communication.Discover the best consumer lifecycle management strategies for your product.

  3. Implementation

    We help you identify the best way to implement your next retention marketing strategies for the new-age SaaS or Cloud platforms.