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Customer Data Engineering

Every customer interaction tracked has the potential to bring insights. Springwood's Data Engineering service applies engineering best practices like version control and integration management to the analytics code base.

Springwood's Customer Data Platform implementation (CDP implementation) framework standardizes data collection and provides a pipeline for all your tools to drive good data governance.

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Ensure tagged and modeled data sets to empower customer's voice

Our secure approach to customer data management with faster feedback loops helps gather beautiful data insights.

  • Data piping from non-traditional data sources and API endpoints to Data warehouses
  • Data ETL into the warehouses (Stitch, Fivetran, etc.)
  • Reverse ETL from warehouse to tools (Hitouch, Census, etc.)
  • Custom Integrations from non-standard sources
  • Data Backfills
Springwood CDP Implementation strategy

Engineer your analytics for quick iteration, easy maintenance, and scalability.

  1. Data pipelines management

    Get a complete view of your data architecture, scheduled maintenance and checks of your data pipelines, and complete assistance in tools upgradation and setup is provided by the Springwood team.

  2. Data Dictionary & Analytics Schema

    We define specifications tracking the data, and determine the logical structure by creating a data dictionary. We set up the data types, definitions, and attributes, and used metadata fixed in the database or information systems.

  3. Custom Integrations and Data Backfilling

    Get quality (CDP implementation)integration services with our experienced team that has gained expertise in various tools.