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EduPloyment achieves 100% growth in job applications after adopting an omnichannel approach and automating its user communications

Springwood executed the end-to-end marketing automation initiative for EduPloyment using Push Notifications, Emails, In-app messages, SMS and WhatsApp channels

EduPloyment is a global online recruitment platform with a mission to up-skill blue-collar workers with critical English language skills and provide them with access to better jobs both abroad and domestically to uplift them and their families.

EduPloyment realized very early on in their product journey that they will need a holistic omnichannel communication strategy.

Along with this, automating communication was the most logical step for the team. Springwood was on-boarded to take over the entire marketing automation, from planning the communication to MoEngage implementation (marketing automation tool).

EduPloyment was just starting with their product rollouts and needed help in:-

  • Planning and organizing the entire user communication
  • Identifying use cases where automation is required
  • Understanding how to use MoEngage optimally
  • Creating a list of user actions and properties to be tracked to run campaigns effectively and perform analytics
  • Integrating channels like Email, WhatsApp and creating an omnichannel strategy

The first thing we did was to align the entire management team towards a single North Star metric

Once the entire team, including senior management, developers, and designers were aligned towards the goal, Springwood, with the help of the leadership, established the core business metrics required to be tracked and triggers required to create automated campaigns. These metrics were then transformed into the events (actions) and user properties, using the north star metric framework that needed to be tracked and implemented with the development team's help.

Post this following approach was taken to crack customer engagement:-

  • Carpet Bombing - Due to the lack of user behaviour data in the initial days, we were sending one size fits all communications to all the users.
  • Insights derivation - Post substantial user behaviour data was obtained, we went back to the drawing board and identified how our users have reacted to our communication
  • Sharp shooting - After we understood what works and what doesn’t, highly targeted and contextual messages were sent to specific cohorts to increase conversions
  • Growth - Creation of growth levers and referral campaigns to drive organic growth

Identifying the best times to send the contextual communications and using the right channel mix through Moengage implementation helped EduPloyment drive 100% growth in job applications.

Today, out of every 100 users who download the app, 40+ users apply for a job. EduPloyment is bringing happiness and upliftment to the communities that deserve it the most, and we are proud to have been a part of their growth journey.


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